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Chin Humour

Chin Humour


Chin Mottos


  1. "I chew, therefore I am" [by Drew Carter ]
  2. "I leave little mementos to show where I've been" [by The Chinster ]
  3. "Give me an inch and I'll take the whole room" [by The Chinster ]


You know you are a Chin lover...


You know you are a Chin lover...
Amy and the Zoo
...when your friends call and you spend 30 minutes talkin about weight, size, and texture of Chinnie poo.
...when you cancel your holiday vacation cuz there is no one "good enough" to watch your "babies".

...when you call home and ask how is your Chin instead of your girlfriend.

Critter Crew
...when you beg and plead with your husband who all ready thinks you're nuts for a Chin for your anniversary, then you beg and plead for your husband to build a 4 ft tall cage when he's thinking a small animal really doesn't need that big of space.
...when you get excited that they walked up to you in their cage without running from you (today YEAH).
...when you take almost as many pics of your Chin as you do of your kids LOL.

...when you go to Home Depot for one item and come out with 5 Chin toys.
...when the UPS man thinks you're weird because you get boxes saying that the white powder inside is not anthrax and you are sooooo excited when these boxes arrive.

...when you search the country for primo pellets, but buy cheap steak for family.
...when you miss appointments to check to see if babies have arrived.
...when you talk to Chins more than Hubby.
...when you call out your Chins' names in your sleep.

...when you buy an expensive toy for your Chins but are not willing to buy a new pair of shoes for yourself.
...when you get very worried when your Chins don't eat their regular food or treats.
...when you spend the whole night up pacifying your Chin just because he was sulking.
...when you tell everyone your Chin has given birth down to exact details or fur color and gender.
...when you cannot get by a day without any mails from your Chin friends.
...when you are more excited meeting your friend's Chins than meeting that cute guy you just met.
...when you willingly switch on the aircon at night even thought you don't feel warm.

...when you have teeth marks all over the cordless phone antenna.
...when you find a bunch of turds in your bed and are not phased about it (just brush them off and go to sleep).
...when you are DEAD TIRED, after a long, busy day at 11 pm, but you don't go to bed yet because the little Chinnie wasn't let out all night.
...when your boyfriend gets jealous of "the other man" in your life ("the other man" weighing about a pound, being gray, furry, and of the rodent family!).
...when you neglect a night out with your friends because your Chin is giving you "that cute look" and you know he would miss you if you went out, so you stay home to play with him.

Ira V
...when you are used to finding a poo in your pockets, bag, purse.
...when you spend more time with your Chinnie than with you relatives.
...when you speak with your colleagues and friends only about Chinchillas.
...when the only thing you want for Xmas is a Chinnie (Pleease, only one, only this very special! Pleeeaseeee...)

...when you keep mentioning your Chins' names when no one else is interested.
...when you take more photos of them than your own.
...when their weight loss is more frightening than your weight gain.
...when you take their pictures on a regular basis.
...when you start to taste their food to ensure the freshness.
...when you buy a room thermometer with 2 decimal places.
...when you start to buy different toys for them to distract them from furbiting but your own children get none.
...when you get stuck in a dilemma whether to give them a treat or not.
...when your fridge is totally occupied by their food.
...when you spend your life savings on their new stainless steel cage.
...when your electricity bill for air-conditioning is longer than "Geylang you char kuay".
...when you start to collect their fur for your winter coat.
...when you willingly have furniture in trimmings [shreds] than in their original condition.
...when your new house has a Chin room.

...when you find it appropriate and amusing somehow to quote your Chinchilla on your exam.
...when you love her so much that you are willing to get her her own pet, another Chinchilla.

Lady Kestrel
...when everything you look at gets weighed in value as a Chinnie toy before considering its actual purpose!
...when you sit up all night in the rocking chair with a sick Chinnie despite only 3 hours of sleep the night before, and don't even consider going to bed until you've seen a vet and can breathe again knowing your furball is not going to die in your arms.
...when you plunk down $340 you don't really have to spare on said vet visit without blinking an eye because there was never any question about what lengths you would go to to make sure they're healthy.
...when you are willing to spend your life [savings] on medications/inhalers just so you can cohabitate with your furry friends.
...when you run from wherever you are in the house to the Chin cage just because someone squeaked... still, after two years!
...when you have more pics on your web site of the Chins than of your kid.
...when you sit up all night reading and posting to [Chin forums] because you had too much work and domestic stuff to take care of that day and didn't get your daily fix!
...especially when you see your income suffer because you've spent so much time talking Chinnie that you didn't get enough hours invoiced during the prior month!

Mabel Chan
...when you start tasting their pellets and hay to make sure they are fresh.
...when you start looking at tree branches and wonder if you can give them to your Chins.
...when you fridge is filled up with more Chin food than human food.
...when you miss your Chins more than your spouse or family members when travelling overseas.
...when you prefer to go shopping for your Chins than yourself.
...when you need to talk to your Chins every day and night to make sure they are fine.
...when you make sure you come back home on time from work everyday to feed them.
...when you suffer insomnia from too many nights watching your Chins with a torchlight.

Maggie Fielding
...when you and you're fiancee spend hours trying to think of ways to include "the kids" in your wedding......then hours lamenting the fact that there is no where to "register" for Chinchillas

...when their fur is evidently seen on your black shirt and you simply don't mind about it.
...when the time spent looking for Chin-related books in a bookstore is much more than any other books.

...when you comb your hair and instead of your hair being in the teeth of the comb you find grey or white fur stuck to it.

Shannon Heng
...when you are the third party between a pair of Chins.
...when you test the pellets before your Chin does.

The Chinster
...when a Chin or two roams under your blankets while you sleep.
...when you wake up at night with a Chin sitting on your head.
...when you lend books and magazines that have teeth marks on the covers.
...when you automatically place remote controls FACE DOWN, even at your friend's place.

...when your Chin sprays urine at you and you just wipe it off with a smile on your face.
...when your Chins eats more healthily than you.
...when you travel on business trip to the USA and upon opening your bag, you find a Chin poop inside.
...when you call in late for work when your Chin is not feeling well.
...when you are more consistent in cleaning their cage than your room.
...when you start making funny Chinnie noises when you get back from work everyday.
...when you renovate your room to accomodate a new Chin cage you built.
...when you call home from outstation and ask if your Chins have enough to eat, and not asking if your parents have enough to spend....
...when every present you wrapped for your family or friend contains some fur and poop.
...when your fan grows fur on the grills....
...when you start tasting their food before they do.....even though it taste yucky !!!
...when you rushed out to buy a drumset.....just so that you can use the cymbals and convert them into "flying saucer" running wheels for your Chins...
...when you know your Chin's medication history much better than your own.


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