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Chin Humour

Manic Chin Antics


Manic Chin Antics


Naughty, mischievious things done by my Chin(s) include:
...Eating through my computer speaker wires, rendering one useless.
...Trying to eat through the cord of my new 21" monitor (luckily they didn't get through).
...Eating 3 large strips out of my wall before I noticed.
...Getting loose and managing to wedge himself through the tiny gap in the baseboard around the bathroom sink the first night I had Dominic (had to remove the baseboard to find out he'd gone to sleep).
...Hiding behind the entertainment center running back and forth...messing with the cat's head during a standoff in the computer room.
...Dragging about 1/4 of my comforter into their cage.

....Riding on the ceiling fan.

E.J. Zonjee
...Eating themselves through a basket at the vets.

...Chewing the wheel of my scroll mouse.
...Chewing the mouse cord.
...Pulling seemingly out-of-reach objects into the cage .

...Rascal and Lady's favorite trick is to grab and hide my daughter's beauty pageant trophies and crowns even though one crown is huge and weighs more than the two of them put together.

...Stealing the metal ring that holds his water bottle up and hold it hostage in his cage.
....Attacking the cat when it reaches into the cage and touches one of Walter's toys.

...Unhooking the door to their cage when I leave home, on three separate occasions...and teaching other Chins the same trick.

The Chinster
...Chewing the buttons off the TV remote control.
...Stealing my glasses (spectacles) in the middle of the night.
...Chewing on the frame of said glasses.

...Chewing the buttons off the rice cooker.
...Running around the room with a small sheep bell and jingling it.


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