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Couple Name Gender Colour
1 Lechón Male Standard Grey
Chonchi Female Standard Grey
2 Chencho Male Standard Grey
Chincha or Blanqui Female White Mosaic
  Braca Female Standard Grey
  Monte Male Standard Grey
  Chonle Male Standard Grey

My Chin's names are: Lechón (Male/standard grey) and Chonchi (Female/standard grey) and the other couple Chencho (Male/standard grey) and Chincha or Blanqui (Female/white mosaic, the name depends on the family member but I prefer first). Lechón and Chincha are brother-sister but they are like black and white. Lechón is very big and not aggressive however Chincha doesn´t tolerate any chin except her mate but not always....

My Chin "chincha" died last year. Now I have three new Chins called "Braca"( standard grey female), "Monte" (standard grey male) and "Chonle" (standard grey male son of "Lechon" and "Chonchi").

Submitted: July 4/00
Updated: April 19/01