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Extra Information Window
Holly/Blue Flag Farms

Here is some more information about our Chins:

Group Name Colour Gender
1 Romeo Ebony Male
Ruby Pastel Female
2 Nikko Ebony Male
Ebby Ebony Female
3 Samson Ebony Male
Shirley Standard Grey Female
Mae Standard Grey Female
4 Zeus Violet Male
Sandy Standard Grey Female
Violet Standard Grey Violet Carrier Female
5 Clarence Violet Male
Stumpy Hetero Ebony Violet Carrier Female
Dusty Standard Grey Violet Carrier Female
Kitty Black Velvet Violet Carrier Female
Lacy Standard Gray Violet Carrier Female
6 Grampa Black Velvet Male
Gramma Hetero Beige Female
Muffy Hetero Beige, Violet Carrier Female
7 Herschel Dark Tan Male
Rachel Hetero Ebony Female
8 Chubba Hetero Ebony Male
Snuggle Chin Homo Beige Female
9 Lucky Brown/White Cross Female
Cinnamon Hetero Beige Female
Nellie Hetero Beige Female
Cloe Standard Gray Female
10 Blackie Black Velvet Male
Annie Standard Gray Female
11 Bobbi Black Velvet Female
12 Chin-Chin Hetero Beige Female

Chin-Chin is our little mentally/physically challenged Hetero Beige Female - she hangs out with the youngsters in the weaner cage. The vet said she probably wouldn't live to adulthood or should be put to sleep. But she is just so happy. She always hops around all excited about life - especially after a dust bath.

Clarence & Kitty
Clarence & Kitty

We raise Chins as pets. Well, we just started out with two, but they are pretty addicting. :)

Visit our web site to meet everyone - we try to have pictures of all the Chins on there.

We also have

And we raise Iris and Daylilies, too.

Blue Flag Farms
Bill & Holly Frosch
723 First Street
Lorimor, IA 50149

Submitted: Jan 21/01