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Caitlin Williams

I have been breeding beautiful, healthy Chins in my home for 6 years.

I currently have 13 Chins, which includes 2 brand new babies.

Here is some more information about my Chins:

Name Colour Gender Age [July 25/00]
Chewy hetero Beige Male 6 yrs.
Chester homo Beige Male 6 yrs.
Chinela White Female 7 yrs.
Chinetta Standard Grey Female 3 yrs.
Chippy White Mosaic Male 3 yrs.
Sparky hetero Ebony Female 2 yrs.
Fido Standard Grey Male 2 yrs.
Trooper White Mosaic Male 2 yrs.
Big Mama hetero Beige Female 1 yr.
Ebby Charcoal Ebony Male 1 yr.
Cleopatra Black Velvet Female 1 yr.
2 babies Standard Grey Male 2 weeks

Submitted: July 25/00