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Chinchillas Extreme

Here is some more information about my Chins:

I used to live in Norway with my Chinchillas. But in late December 1999, I moved to the Netherlands and I took my Chinchillas with me.

I had 7 when I moved. Unfortunately one of these died of kidney disease shortly after.

I gave one away to a good friend of mine after his male died.

After I moved here, I had two litters of kits. One of these kits I kept. I got another Chinchilla from a friend, and I bought a third one when I sold one of my litters.

At this moment I am not breeding. Three of my 4 males are castrated.

I am concentrating more on getting my web-site up to date, and to inform anyone that might have questions about Chinchillas on right treatment.

I also enter shows when I am able to :)

Submitted: March 23/01