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Extra Information Window

Here is some more information about my Chins:

I have been a Chinchilla hobby-breeder for well over 10 years now. I am a member of The National Chinchilla Society in the UK.

I currently have over 30 Chinchillas (various colours including: Violet, Ultra Violet, Standard Grey, Charcoal, Pastel, Black Velvet, Brown Velvet, Mosaic and Hetero. and Homo. Beiges).

I breed both pet-quality and show-quality Chinchillas and I pride myself on the health and vitality of all my animals.

I work very closely with my local vets - and they refer Chinchilla owners on to me for advice and information on Chinchilla husbandry.

All my Chinchillas come with a 5-generation pedigree and are bred from good, healthy bloodlines.

Feel free to email me at for more information and advice.

Submitted: September 22/01