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Extra Information Window

Here is some more information about my Chins:

My Chinchilla right now is 2 and a half months. She's female and a standard grey. I am getting a hetero ebony female in the near future possibly a preg. black velvet and a white mosaic male. I may also be getting a charcoal male and violet male (with an unusual curly tail). I have pick of the litter of someone else's so it may be a brown velvet.

I am very responsible for my Chins. I have them on possibly the healthiest diet ever. It consits of Mazuri pellets and calf manna everyday then alternationg days a rolled oat blend and a protien supplement to keep them nice and healthy!

I do not do breedbacks.

E-mail me at if you would like to get more info or info on future litters.


Submitted: March 30/01