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Extra Information Window for
Kirsten Mitchell

Here is some more information about my Chins:

Name Colour Gender Mate
Nutmeg hetero Beige Female Cal
Remy White Mosaic Female Mistofelees
Minnie homo Ebony
Violet Carrier
Female Sage
Skyler Black Velvet Female  
Roo hetero Beige Female Hobbes
Hillary* hetero Beige Male  
Perry** hetero Beige Male  
Mistofelees Black Velvet Male Remy
Sage homo Beige Male Minnie
Hobbes Black Velvet Male Roo
Cal White Mosaic Male Nutmeg
* Hillary is named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mount Everest
** Perry is named after Perry, the explorer who died at the South Pole

Submitted: May 9/00