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Extra Information Window

These are my Chinnies:

Name Colour Gender Age
July 10/00
Pitufo Standard Grey Male 10 months from Spanish petshop
Rasputin homo Ebony Male 11 months from Christine Bauer, Germany
Attila homo Beige Male 12 months from Christine Bauer
Pepa Black Velvet Female 12 months from Spanish petshop
Foxy hetero Beige Female 11 months from Spanish petshop
Chanel hetero Ebony Female 11 months from Christine Bauer
Baby possibly Chocolate Female 9 days old Mother Pepa
Father Attila

I started having chinnies about 6 years ago. Now I am trying to breed coloured chins privately, as there are hardly any colour breeders here in Spain.

I also have 2 dogs, 5 cats, 1 squirrel, 1 rat, 1 boyfriend.....

Submitted: July 10/00