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Marion Tank

Here is a developmental sequence of 3 Ebony-Pink White Cross Chins, Lucky, Foxi, and Fixi:

First those of the Ebony-Pink White cross chinnie. I called her Lucky. She's now almost one year old and has changed dramatically in fur color since she was born.

When she was a baby, she was almost solid black. Only a tiny tip of her tail was white and she had some white socks. Later on, her fur became lighter and still lighter. Her belly color meanwhile changed from black to a very very light grey. It's really amazing but see for yourself.

These are the photos I made of Foxi, the brother of Lucky. His color is really funny. In fact, he's a mosaic with three colors showing in his fur: white, beige and brown.

When Fox was a baby, his fur displayed a brown color, his face and belly were of a light beige, his tail was dark brown with a white tip and he had white socks and a white patch on his left side. Right in the middle of his Foxi's forehead, you can see a dot of dark brown fur (really silly).

Foxi, like his sister Lucky, started getting lighter and lighter by the day. Today, being a one year old, his belly and most of his fur has turned white but he's still showing a distinct mosaic pattern of white and beige and one can still see his dark brown spot on the middle of his forehead :-)

Here are some pictures of the little Pink White, Idefix. When he was still young, Fixi's fur was mostly white with a mosaic of light beige showing and a beige tummy. He looked very much like what people call a golden mosaic. He was sooo pretty !

Getting older with his fur getting lighter however, he looked more and more like an 'ordinary' Pink White. Nothing seemed to remain of the ebony background.

I've sold him when he was 12 weeks old and he died recently of an abcess causing blockage in his throat so I don't have any pictures of the little fellow as an adult chinnie :-(((

Last but not least, pictures of all three chinchillas when they were still babies.

Submitted: Aug 23/00