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Extra Information Window

Here is some more information about my Chins:

Name Colour Gender
Babe Black Velvet Male
ChiChi Standard Grey Female
Buddy   Male
Pepsi   Female
Smoky   Female
Cuddles   Female

We started out with one beautiful little male Black Velvet Chin named Babe. Soon after we obtained a female, ChiChi, about the same age from some friends who realized that they couldn't care for such a bouncy little pet. Of course these two decided to start a family and the result was 2 adorable little females & then another female. Since we couldn't part with any of these & we simply didn't have room for any more, we decided to separate Babe & ChiChi. ChiChi was left with her 3 babies, Pepsi, Smoky, & Cuddles, and we obtained another male, Buddy, for Babe to cuddle up with.

Submitted: Oct 25/00