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Here is some more information about my Chins and my other animals:

Mango, the female, is a standard gray around 8 months old [born in October/99] (we found her in a pet store). You can see her webpage at

Smokey, the male, is a charcoal black. He's 3 1/2 months old [born in mid-February/00] (I got him from a breeder). His webpage is at
Name Colour Gender D.o.B. Comments Picture
Mango Standard Grey female October 1999 found in pet store
Smokey Charcoal "Black" male mid-February, 2000 from a breeder

My husband and I also have in our home a 16 month old [born February/99] male Rottwieler who's name is Thor...he's a mama's boy...his page

We also have a male Savannah Monitor, Hercules, who is about a year and a half old [born December/98] ... he's a rescue...and he's slowly warming up to us...he also likes women, but tolerates everyone! lol! He doesn't have enough clear pictures for his own page yet, but there is a picture of him on Thor's page.

We have tropical fish we refer to as the "Water Babies" and two turtles...both Red Ear Sliders, Houdini and Sweet Pea.

Submitted: June 7/00