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Our Chinchillas are:

a standard grey male rescue
a fancy bred silver mosaic male
CRICKET (aka Twitty)
a beige female

Other critters that own me are:
  • a neutered cat and a spayed cat,
  • several fancy rats,
  • mice,
  • hamsters, and
  • gerbils
all of which I hobby breed and show.

As well, I'm owned by:

  • a pair of Guinea pigs,
  • a ratsnake,
  • a rankins' dragon (like a miniture bearded dragon),
  • 2 turtles,
  • a few dormice,
  • a few spiny mice,
  • a bullfrog,
  • some fish, and
  • a little deermouse.

Please visit my rodent site at!

Submitted: July 3/00