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Extra Information Window

I´m a hobby breeder registered in Nordiska Föreningen för Sällskapschinchillor [NFFSC].

My breeding Chinchillas are:

Name Colour Gender Comments
Petronella Black Velvet Female A big female with a lot of temper that loves to escape from her cage.
Freja Standard Grey Female A very friendly female with large ears.
Lili Standard Grey Female My first Chinchilla now 10 years old.
Hamlet Beige Male My first surviving kit, very nice looking but a bit reserved with strangers.
Knytet Beige Male Hamlet's younger brother, Knytet loves to climb onto my hand and getting scratched on his belly.
Gismoe Standard Grey Male He´s a very friendly Chinchilla who likes to be scratched behind his ears.

The remaining Chinchillas are for sale.

Submitted: July 13/00