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Extra Information Window for
Carolyn Brown

Here is some more information about my Chins:

Name Colour Gender D.o.B. Mate Comments
Dante Grey Male Dec/99 Bonnie Has had 4 kits, 2 per litter; all female [3 Grey, 1 Beige]

Bonnie and Dante had another 4 kits
[3 Beige females, 1 Grey male] on the 30th Oct., 2000

Bonnie Beige Female Dec/99 Dante
Laurent Beige Male Jan/99 Linear Has had 2 single-kit litters, both Grey males.
Linear Beige Female May/99 Laurent
Riccardo Grey Male Sept/98 Hargita Has fathered a grey female with a previous mate
Hargita Beige Female Dec/99 Riccardo Bonnie's Beige daughter.
Aramus homo Beige Male Nov/99 Meisha  
Meisha Black Velvet Female Nov/99 Aramus

Submitted: April 15/00
First Update: July 9/00
Second Update: Aug 24/00
Latest Update: Oct 6/00