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Extra Information Window

Here is some more information about my Chins:

Name Colour Gender Birth Date
Stormy hetro Ebony Male Sept/00
Molly Black Velvet Female Winter/98

Feb 19, 2001:
I have a female Black Velvet named Molly and a male hetro Ebony named Stormy.

My Chins are very happy and spoiled rotten. Molly is currently pregnant and is due in May I believe.

Molly is three years old and Stormy is six months. I got Molly from a breeder and Stormy I got from a pet store.

July 17, 2002:
I currently have 7 chinchillas and am purchasing a Pink White Ebony Carrier female to pair with my dark hetero Ebony male.

I have 4 chins for sale at the moment. My other pair is a TOV Homo Ebony female paired with a Standard male (she would accept no other) . You can see pictures of all of them on my webpage .

Submitted: Feb 19, 2001
Updated: July 17, 2002