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Extra Information Window

Here is a run-down of my little family:

Name Colour Gender Comments
Maya Standard Grey Female Jester's mate
Jester Pink White Male Maya's mate
Millie Standard Grey Female Victor's mate; due to give birth around Mother's Day, 2001
Victor Violet Male Millie's mate
Tabitha Pink White Female Soon to be Charlie's mate; daughter of Maya and Jester
Charlie Black Velvet Male Soon to be Tabitha's mate; adopted through a rescue
Gilda Standard Grey Female Daughter of Maya and Jester
Radnor Pink White Male Son of Maya and Jester
Minuet Beige Female Adopted through a rescue
Chimney Standard Grey Female Adopted through a rescue

Name Colour Gender Size Comments
Miko Chocolate Lab Male Very large (115-120 lbs) BIG baby! Tries to be a lap dog! Very loving.
Dakota Black Lab Female Average size Very protective towards her mama. Very loving

Name Colour Gender Comments
Piwacket black domestic long hair Female Just one left - Piwacket is a female black domestic long hair. Very sweet and misses her playmates. The others have passed on over the years primarily due to old age.

These are all my babies (so far). They're all spoiled rotten! I just can't imagine how they got that way :)

Submitted: Feb 5/01