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Extra Information Window for
Tracey Maul

Hi! We are small hobby breeders in the midwest.

Our chins are:

Group Name Colour Gender
1 Tasha Brown Velvet/TOV Female
Comet White Mosaic Male
2 Misty White Mosaic Female
Raisin Standard Grey Male
3 Tango Violet Male
Lyra Violet Female
4 Reina Black Velvet Female
Fearless White Mosaic Male
5 Polly homo Ebony Female
6 Candy homo Beige Female
7 Jazz hetero Beige Male
8 Casey hetero Beige Male
9 Itzy hetero Beige Male
10 Tigger Standard Grey
  with Beige Stripe
11 Maya hetero Beige Female
12 Sophie Standard Grey Female

We occasisionaly have litters for sale, check with us, , for availability.

Submitted: May 12/00