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Extra Information Form Criteria
Chin Owners Directory
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Chin Owners Directory
Extra Information Form

A pop-up Extra Information Window is available for each person listed in the Chin Owners Directory. You activate it by simply clicking on the     icon to the right of the "# of Chins" line.

The additional information that you may list in the Extra Information Window may include:

You may include a photo of yourself as well as personal information such as telephone numbers or street addresses [but only in the Extra Information Window in order to protect your privacy] .

The basic criteria is that anything listed or referenced [via a hyperlink] must be suitable for family viewing. ChinMania reserves the right to edit entries for readability, grammar, and spelling as well as appropriateness.

If the Extra Information you would like listed requires a fair amount of formatting, you may be asked to perform some of it as free time is rather constrained. Furthermore, ChinMania would be able to make updates at the most once every week or two [usually weekends] . Hence, that is why classified ads would be best referenced via a hyperlink to an external site such as Cherubic Chinchillas , ChinWorld , or ChinMania Classified Ads .

Please realize that the size of the pop-up windows is being limited to approximately 400w x 450h pixels. However, extra content can be viewed by using the scroll bars that will appear automatically. Furthermore, the pop-up window can be resized manually by the viewer.

Submissions for your Extra Information Window may be submitted directly via e-mail to ChinMania or via the following Extra Information Form: