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Chin Owners Directory
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Chin Owners Directory Sign-up Form

Spam Protection
JavaScript security protocols have been employed to prevent harvesting of each e-mail address by automated web-bots or spiders to protect each person from unsolicited commercial e-mail [spam].

Sort Order
Directory entries are sorted within each country according to the first character in the e-mail address and are based upon voluntarily submitted information. If you have been included in error, please indicate so to ChinMania as soon as possible. If you would like to be included or have some information altered please indicate so.

Type of Owner
The 3 general Owner categories are

Pet Owner
The "Pet Owner" category usually includes those Chin Owners with fewer than 10 Chins.
Hobby Breeder,
"Hobby Breeder" generally refers to those with 10-20 Chins and have kits available on a semi-regular basis.
A "Breeder" would typically have larger numbers of Chins and have a fair number of kits available on a regular basis.

Intended Usage
This Directory is intended solely for the private use of Chin Owners for the purposes of information exchange, selling/purchasing/adoption of Chins, vacation relief, supplies, equipment, and emergencies. Use of this list for the purposes of unsolicited commercial e-mail [spam], harrassment, threats, resale, or for the formation/augmentation of any email-based mailing lists, USENET newsgroups, or alternative Directories is illegal and strictly prohibited.

Submissions for the Chin Owners Directory may be submitted directly via e-mail to ChinMania or via the following Sign-up & Update Form: